Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just kinda mumbling

Boy oh Boy am I tired. For the last month Anthonys schedule is crazy...which means i need to stay up to 2 am....thats right folks. 2 AM! Wake the kids up and pick him up...i really wish this guy would start thinking like an adult so he could get his drivers licence...but no...HE REFUSES. So right now i am watching Grey's Anatomy, eating a cadbury creme egg and typing with one about talent...I really love those suckers. When i was younger i couldn't stand more than a single one a year....but i think i am on my like 10th.

I have been tatting up a storm...I found some really awesome patterns. And since i finally got a new camera battery i can take photos and do some more videos.

My son lost two of his front teeth and it has really shown me all sorts of things. When i was younger I thought y mom weak when she didn't (couldn't) pull a NAIL out of my foot...I understand now. And I feel so very bad for thinking so low of her. As a kid i pulled my teeth, my sibs teeth...but my own kids teeth... I freaked the frick out! I just couldn't take the wiggle, i couldn't pull. I couldn't hurt without some cause. LUCKILY my sister, the savior, was over. She just plucked it out! Amazing she is! So here's the ick picture of the first lost tooth.

And the second. Now i feel bad for a few reasons. One. his teeth were already growing in behind them, so he gets robbed of the JOY of having a bare gum feeling. And two his mom is a mighty wuss.. and three. Poor Anthony that was so eager for his teeth to come out wasn't there for neither of them. I feel bad because these two teeth were the first loose teeth we had to deal with as parents. Its so different when you are the parent. So now i am a tooth collector. A tooth fairy. Which this is how the tooth fairy works in my house.

The tooth fairy pays the kids for their teeth, so that she can make their teeth into new teeth for new babies.

Teaches them to recycle...LOL.

GAWD i just looked at the clock and its only 12:19... Oh well i guess its nap time.