Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FINALLY some tatting

 Well well well. I'm back. I have two general tatting photos...some heart earrings i made my daughter Anavay...i love the way they came out. The pattern is

Tiny Heart pattern 
CWJ = cathrine wheel join.
TOR = thrown off ring (thank you for spotting rsme ;) )
R : 4-3-3-3-4
CH : 12 CWJ 3 CWJ 1 TOR (1-1) 1 CWJ 3 CWL 12 join to base and sew in ends. 
I tat earrings really tight so they hold their shape under kid circumstances. Showers, sleep, and play. These go great with all that....AND still looks like they did when i first tatted them.

 The cross is from Fun with split ring tatting. THIS is an awesome book. I got it by saving up my SWAGBUCKS... so technically it was free. Now comes my ring...

I still couldn't get inkscape to co-operate with i desired to just post the directions here...sorry i don't have a PDF. i will keep plugging on trying to find a solution...but i am not going to promise something i can't.

gosh darn blogger is giving me trouble...i hate it! Anyway here's the text
Diamond Ring by Shannon Campos-Hatfield

This pattern is a bit advanced... you will be joining into a ring shape, throwing off rings and a split ring.
Also the basic pattern is for fat little fingers. There can be variations in size and they will be added at the end...but originally this ring will come out large.
Also all picots are small-ish...except for the ones that say otherwise.

LP = Long picot-just under 1/4 inch

SPR = split ring
TOR = thrown off ring

Clover 1: R1 6-3-6-3
                R2 3+23-3
                R3 3+6-3-6

CLOVER 2: R1 6-3-6-3
                     R2 3+9-5-9-3
                     R3 3+6-3-6
Chain 1:ch 7 TOR (4-4-4-4) 7
CHAIN 2: ch 7 + (to TOR) 7

Start with CTM...
Clover 1
Clover 2
Chain 2
Clover 1
Chain 2
Clover 2
Chain 2
Tie to the base of the 1st clover. Hide ends by sewing the end through 3 ds caps.

R1 3 LP 9 +(to clover 2) 5 +(to clover 2) 9 LP 3
SPR 3+11 LP 3/ 3+11 LP 3
R3 3 +(to LP) 9 +(to clover 2) 5 +(to clover 2) 9 +(to LP) 3

If you get lost i can help...but the pattern is pretty straight forward.

also it could have three other sizes...i actually have that pdf...Ring Part 2 (sizes) (insert evil laugh here...muah haha haha muah haha) at least i have SOME part organized.