Monday, January 21, 2013

My TIAS guess

I don't actually know where all my tatting photos went! I haven't told anyone, but I am also joining in Tat it and See... It is really a very fun part of the year. The BEST way to start... So now its DAY 4... and its starting to look like something...last year Jane had us guessing up to the final posting!!!! But this is my guess...a flower pot with flowers...although i know its not really Janes style...
I was actually thinking about this...Every tatting designer has a very distinct style! Jane... She often has small rings, short chains and lots of techniques thrown in. Criss crossing and turning... I could honestly pick hers out easiest... then There is Nina Libin, tons and tons of happy that i am able to test tat for her...i have plans for tonight...and thats it. my ideal evening truly! Then totusmel...even though she is doing her tat it and see in different colors you can still tell it was done from her hand... nice and tight and very neat...precise! Then Frivole, she does a lot of SCMR, smooth lines, those are just a few that i think of on a nearly daily basis.

The necklace below was out of a Japanese book i believe... I really like the intertwining hearts. This was really simple to do...I love love love Japanese tatting patterns, Their books are eye candy galore! I love this necklace very much, but sadly it makes my neck look WIDE!!! So i don"t wear it often...

Speaking of Jane... I have been trying to branch out and do more of her more ambitious tatting patterns. I tried her pattern "Snowsettia" It is done with four shuttles and very challenging!!!! you must try! I am going to dig it out of my tatting box and snap another picture...Its done all green...dark green thread, light green thread and green beads! oK, so that's all for right now!

Friday, January 4, 2013

My plan for world domination..kinda.

So. Haven't blogged in a bit. Right now this is what i am working on.
A SHUTTLE BAG. I was kinda hesitant to tat this because it looks very intimidating. In reality it just rings and beads. I figured I should post a size comparison. I am leaving very little room between rings and I also increased the rings per round to 16 instead of 14. so. The clover fits nice and roomy, and the sewmate is snug.. i think i might increase a couple more rings.
 Last year I made a decision. I was going to enter tatting into the California State Fair. I have actually been thinking about it for a couple years now. I choose this pattern for its elegance. My husband (still feels weird saying that after almost a year..crazy) helped me pick the color. I was going with a grey silver color...I wanted to break up the color, but i really liked the grey. I asked my husband...Black or dark grey...
He said the black would make it pop...He was right. In real life its so.....You know i don't even know which word to use.

 I had to do a little blocking...
BTW that's how i judge a pattern...If it needs ton of blocking or not...A good pattern is accurate. it shows that the artist (yes, getting it right is definitely art) is mindful, and meticulous. I am looking at the picture right now and i see 1 mistake...the center the base they are not joined...I believe that i only made 2 mistakes in all...that's pretty good.

 I love the picture up top...and below. I think this doily measures 9 to 10 inches across. Maybe a foot...i have no idea. But I was thinking of entering more tatting.
My husband likes to work at the fair during the summer. He went to the lace exhibits, for me. Took some pictures... He said that there was only like 5 things of lace entered...Even more disturbing is the face that NONE of it was tatting... it was all knit... Now i know that there are more tatters in the Sacramento area, because every time i go to Joann's they are low on shuttles...if not low...then OUT... and someone is buying them...
My goal this year is the enter the hell out of tatting...any and every competition that i can...then people will see tatting and be inspired to enter their tatting, 
then next year they will enter tatting and then more tatters will be like oh, more tatters....i want to enter more tatting in...
Then the world is mine.......(insert evil laugh.....) 
OK. maybe not the world... but spreading the word of tatting.
Well enough of that...Have fun tatting