Monday, June 27, 2011

A tiny bit...

MMM. So tired. To understand this you should know i am not a morning person, never have. I have always enjoyed staying up late and getting up late. Night owl...But now Anthony has a day shift...8 to 430... and the kids have pre-kindergarten summer 8 to 12. And Ana has been bugging me all week to go to her brothers. So! I have been running around collecting everything that i need to enroll her into preschool for the fall, and hopefully get her into the same school that the boys will be going to...Which would already somewhat work out...preschool would start at we go there, drop Ana off then theres an hour before the boys go to hour of play time.

The weird thing about this all the time i drop the boys off (summer camp or school.) I have been running and have to turn right around and pick them up again...or Ana. So needless to say...I am so tired. And the worst but best part of all this is, this last weekend grama picked everyone up...all 3 kids and Anthony! (so he could help put up a fence) so best because i didn't have to run somewhere (which i wound up having to do anyway) but worst because i feel as if i haven't hugged my boys in ages! and next weekend there is talk of the kids going over...which means a teeny tiny bit of time to tat...which brings me to my next topic...

MY HANKY. I now know what Fox was saying about having to power through...because you get so tired of doing the same repeat..over and over and over again. I hit that...then i found this website here, where you complete a goal a day...that particular goal was to do one small task that i had been putting off...THE EDGING... i was doing and doing and i FINALLY got to my second corner...but barely. So! I say this because i have a long road ahead of me...finishing the edging and sewing it on...which i am really rethinking that whole part...And these are some earring i made a couple days ago... THEY ARE MY FAVORITE TATTED EARRING. They are great. they have everything you could want in an earring...not too heavy but has weight, they dangle, they are blue and green (which compliments me a lot...), they are not overly big, did i mention they dangle?! I found the pattern here...
Another pattern i found was Elizabeth Zipay's Mini cross I love this little cross more than all the other crosses i have seen. I really suggest that you go discover it too.

Lastly but not at all unimportant... Ladyshuttlemaker is holding another giveaway! this time its for one of her hook pens... man i would like one of them! If you would also like to check it out her button is in the side over there ----> Mondo Monday Giveaway

Also a little piece of haha... anthony just called me saying he fell asleep on the bus... folks it was a 15 minute ride... i see i am not the only one tired! And now i have spent all my free time this morning blogging...time to put dinner in the crock-pot... tonight we are having Cream Cheese Chicken... my favorite meal....I would eat it every day if i could!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have a goal. My goal is to prove that all shuttle tatting patterns can be tatted by needle. I blogged one awhile ago...I believe its called Gloria snowflake or something like that. Now in attempting these patterns it would be smarter to have a second needle. Unfortunately i am more attached to getting more shuttles than needles. So...i finger tat, or wrap the excess thread around a shuttle and just shuttle tat. But a second needle can be used, and you will get a more uniform result. So here we go.

A while back Fox, and snapdragon lace tackled a medallion that is difficult. I looked at it and saw the split chains... and for those newbie needle tatters...split chains and split rings are much easier with a needle than in shuttle tatting... PLUS PLUS PLUS! So when i see split chains I jump to needle tatting because it is much easier. I was doing a video to show it but something went wrong and the third part of the video got messed up. SO here is a picture of my failures...

I don't know why but i love white thread.... it just makes me happy. So from my knowledge i am going to contribute instructions for the needle tatting aspect of this... So here goes.

R 4(-4)x5

C 4 TOR (7 ds) 3 vsp 8 - 8

SPLIT CHAIN (pull needle out from prev chain. turn needle around and tat on the eye side of the needle with the needle thread NOT ball thread.)

SPCH 3 TOR 4 put needle from front to back through picot on ring. RE_ THREAD needle and tension.

C 8-8 and split chain again until you finish the last split chain (last picot on ring)

SPCH 8 (join to vsp of 1st chain)

C 4 vsp 2(-2)x5

*SPCH 5 (to sp)


REPEAT * to * all the way around. See picture for joins (the vertical bars are SPCH)

Hey i got a joke...
There were two brothers on a boat. One was named Peet and the other was named Repeet. Peet fell in, who was left on the Boat?

(heres when you say Repeet)

Then i go...
There were two brothers on a boat. One was named
Peet and the other was named Repeet. Peet fell in, who was left on the Boat?

And it goes on and on, while i am laughing my butt off...That is my favorite joke of all time...thank you third grade.

But i am going to do a video showing this pattern. TTYL!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Large project and frustration!

So, tatting...been doing a great deal of it. I started a large doily that is made up of many motifs...over a month two months ago. A week and a half ago I finished with all the motifs...and started the last round...the final round. While doing so, i found a rather large mistake. I had to cut...and cry...actually cry because i cut... heartbreaking! an entire point! that's 7 motifs, then i have to start the last round again.

Heartbreaking! And i was so careful. So. dealing with that. So I made myself promise myself that i would finish that before actually starting another tatting project. Which was horrible, because i got a hanky from Lace-lovin librarian! Thank you again Diane! absolutely beautiful! then i started looking at edgings...GOSH there are so many edgings that are so nice. Being an obsessive person, i searched my external hard drive, and websites, and books, and my GOSH...obsessive. I really could have done more edgings but i thought that 15 was enough to choose from...see....15! now i am indecisive...which means i need others opinions to make a choice...


my doily isn't finished, but i cant stand to work on it...but if i start my hanky then that means i break my promise to myself...and keeping my promises are important to me..especially to me! so i am frustrated, i , i , i, i really think that i should forget my promise... and Anthony brought up a good point... I can enter it in to the state fair next year (cause i missed the application period by 2 days and yes i have never done it nervous!)

So I'll post pictures of the finished doily when i finish it.