Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today has been a weird sort of day. I have finally understood something that i have failed to understand. Why are people upset by people dying. Now please understand, i have never had someone really close to me die. So i haven't really understood. I, of course rationalize...they will never see that person And i understand its very sorrowful. But it hit me today when i heard that an internet buddy died. I was in shock. Then i checked her blog to see if it was true. the last post was the 4th. It was about a challenge she was going through. stitching. I got really sad. No more blog posts. She will never type again. Her blog is there, but she isn't. Its weird. Then I got to thinking. Well she was in the middle of that challenge. She'll never finish. What happens to her work she has yet to finish. Its sad. She was a wonderful woman, who had a great heart. She helped a lot of people. Sadly enough that it was her death that taught me the compassion for people mourning their loved ones and friends. I appreciate it. I wish it was a lesson that got put off. 

Thank you Gina. For making me a better person.

Happy Valentines day. 
To all, even those who don't celebrate it, i hope you have a bit of love in your lives :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

doing some butterflies

Recently on facebook, Georgia Seitz put out the word for some butterflies. I have  been wanting to send tatting in for the palmetto even for some time. Last year was wonderful. I didn't get to go to palmetto, but there was a chat set up, tatters were trying to break the record for the most tatters tatting at the same time. Needless to say, in a world where you might come across 1 tatter in real life, it was so nice to see so many. To hear their was wonderful.

So i actually have to go put dinner in the crock, be back in a minute...ok. i'm back. i am making enchilada casserole. its WAY nummy. HERES THE LINK TO IT... anyway.

Butterflies. I have some favorites.

1st. this is a butterfly that is a variation in technique. typically this pattern is done as a SCMR (self closing mock ring.) BUT this one is done with just a single shuttle.

2. Yarn players butterfly. you can also do this with a single shuttle. just by pulling out like a yard of thread and starting your ring there.

3. simple butterfly. basically 4 rings.

4. MY FAVORITE FAVORITE is a pattern that i made. I don't know if i have seen it anywhere but i know one day i just did it. If anyone has seen it somewhere let me know, so i don't feel like a fool for saying that i designed it first. :)

You start with a chain. making sure you put in a paperclip. tat 20ds, then RW and make a ring...3-3+3-3. you join to the paperclip ...keep it there. chain 12 ds LJ to paperclip. chain 12 more. another ring, then finish with another 20 ds. join to the paperclip again. tie  a knot to secure. clip the ends  (antenna)

ch 20 rw
r 3-3+3-3
ch 12 LJ 12
r 3-3+3-3
ch 20.

It is so cute and playful. SO I hope that this inspires you to also send in some butterflies.