Tuesday, May 10, 2011

five years and counting.

This sunday will be my boys fifth birthday. It is so hard to believe that they are turning five. Right now, of every year i recall what i was going through and every thing since. I am calling it this year, my happy depression. I am still very out of sorts with it being my child's birthday, but i am very happy this year. So much has happened.

They are talking much better. They write! they freaking write letters, truly an amazing thing to witness. They are fully potty trained with the exception that Az had an accident in bed. So sad but its all right. Its just once. They are thoughtful! so thoughtful. And amazingly loving.

they also have personality! crazy personality. They are mean too. so mean sometimes. They are much better than i was at that age. They are strong. Strong willed.

I am sad though. My mom doesn't see what wonderfulness there is. So we'll keep going. and hopefully she will see. But in the mean time they are turning five!

Honestly I never thought that they would make it to age five. you know the won't live to see your fifth birthday. well here that milestone is. Today was the day in 2006 that my doctor told me that i would HAVE to have a c-section. I had pre-eclampsia. The day after...the 12th is... was possibly the worst day in my entire life. Waiting all day to eat a single morsel for the fear that i would be in surgery that very next day. I remember calling my doctor that day at like 3:59 and begging them to say i can eat... They pushed it back to monday...their birthday... May 15th. I remember walking in. and how scared i was, and HUNGRY... mainly hungry. lol. Then the boys...imma stop now before i cry. more later. ttyl

Sunday, May 8, 2011

my first bookmark

HA HA Happy mothers day! I love this picture. they were pretty upset about being up so early, but this is them still goofing around.This is my first bookmark. or should I say my first tatting project. I wanted to post it to show beginning tatters that everyone starts sometime, and a lot of the time your first tries come out crappy.

I wanted to touch on a few things i saw. First. I used straight glue. Its hard and rough and really curved. The picture below is the top of the bookmark. Have a gander at the trefoil, or clover in the center. TOTAL gaposis. the chains below, pretty messed up.
this is showing the ending. and again the chains... they still are my foe but less so now. The one thing that amazed me is, this was done without picot gauges! and they are all pretty similar. Which amazes me because now i rarely go without gauges and i can't eye picots to save my life.

this picture was just showing the stitches.
My point is.. keep with it, it gets better with practice.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

All thats tatting.

Today is just about tatting. This is my latest large project. I think it is so pretty. Measures about 10 inches across in size 10 thread. The pattern is from here.... i cant read Russian so its in google translate. its a 6 round snowflake...or so google translate says

This is an edging i found on knots. I think its so pretty. Here's the link if you notice the first two look kinda sloppy. So i modified it. so that's the second one. I thought it still looked sloppy and weak. So i modified again. thus the last 4. I think they look awesome.

here's a close up of the first one. For some reason i couldn't get them to lay flat.
here's the finished one. See like i said...AWESOME

this was a doily i found online, in a Spanish pattern book

this is the first three rounds in size 80 thread. Its only the size of the first two rounds of the size 10 one, needless to say i gave up. so little size for the effort. It looks AWESOME though!!!

this is yarnplayers butterfly. It is my second favorite butterfly. My first favorite is here.

This snowflake was a mock up of motif #14 out of tatting for today. I was contemplating doing it in size 80 thread, but my tension is horrible and the snowflake came out i need to find a different pattern for the Christmas in July exchange... Although it really is stunning in real life.
This motif was a picture i saw looking online. It SCREAMED to me that i HAD to tat it. so i did and i am all the happier. it was a wonderful experience.

This motif I found in the wayback machine on HERES THE PATTERN I used size 10 thread. The picots were 3/4 th inch picot VERTICALLY. I can't believe that i got it right in my first try. I love love love this pattern.
And the very coolest. this is the motif part of the LOCHNESS MONSTER FLOWER by Claudia Meza. I wish i knew her blog so i could go and tell her the magic that her pattern bestows. Because you look at the pattern and you want your head to explode. But its so pretty so you TOIL on. then you realize it is a simple pattern that you could do for hours. I have seen other peoples pictures of this pattern and i can't understand why mine wants to cup. i have the same amount of rings and chains, but mine wants to cup....PLEASE believe i will be doing this pattern again. So about the magic. You look at the pattern and you figure it out...then your confidence shoots up into the sky because it looked difficult but in real life it wasn't, it is magical because it teaches you to look at things differently, and that is hard to do, especially when you are too scared to do a pattern. Just to shoe you... I have had this pattern for months roughly 4, and i only just got the balls to do it! THANK YOU CLAUDIA FOR THE MAGIC!