Sunday, May 8, 2011

my first bookmark

HA HA Happy mothers day! I love this picture. they were pretty upset about being up so early, but this is them still goofing around.This is my first bookmark. or should I say my first tatting project. I wanted to post it to show beginning tatters that everyone starts sometime, and a lot of the time your first tries come out crappy.

I wanted to touch on a few things i saw. First. I used straight glue. Its hard and rough and really curved. The picture below is the top of the bookmark. Have a gander at the trefoil, or clover in the center. TOTAL gaposis. the chains below, pretty messed up.
this is showing the ending. and again the chains... they still are my foe but less so now. The one thing that amazed me is, this was done without picot gauges! and they are all pretty similar. Which amazes me because now i rarely go without gauges and i can't eye picots to save my life.

this picture was just showing the stitches.
My point is.. keep with it, it gets better with practice.