Friday, June 17, 2011

Large project and frustration!

So, tatting...been doing a great deal of it. I started a large doily that is made up of many motifs...over a month two months ago. A week and a half ago I finished with all the motifs...and started the last round...the final round. While doing so, i found a rather large mistake. I had to cut...and cry...actually cry because i cut... heartbreaking! an entire point! that's 7 motifs, then i have to start the last round again.

Heartbreaking! And i was so careful. So. dealing with that. So I made myself promise myself that i would finish that before actually starting another tatting project. Which was horrible, because i got a hanky from Lace-lovin librarian! Thank you again Diane! absolutely beautiful! then i started looking at edgings...GOSH there are so many edgings that are so nice. Being an obsessive person, i searched my external hard drive, and websites, and books, and my GOSH...obsessive. I really could have done more edgings but i thought that 15 was enough to choose from...see....15! now i am indecisive...which means i need others opinions to make a choice...


my doily isn't finished, but i cant stand to work on it...but if i start my hanky then that means i break my promise to myself...and keeping my promises are important to me..especially to me! so i am frustrated, i , i , i, i really think that i should forget my promise... and Anthony brought up a good point... I can enter it in to the state fair next year (cause i missed the application period by 2 days and yes i have never done it nervous!)

So I'll post pictures of the finished doily when i finish it.


Michelle said...

Shannon. If you want my thoughts, and I am the same way you are with my knitting, indecisive. anyway. stop working on the doily for now...take a breather from it break the promise. make a new one. promise to make the best choice for the hanky that you can...see it to total completetion, THEN pick up that lovely doily and have a fresh perspective on it. just a thought from a new friend. I hope I helped!

shannon_in_love said... do give good advice, a only fool wouldn't take good advice..momma didn't raise no fool!