Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Faux tatting???

Tell me. does this look familiar? I found it at a thrift store yesterday. I was like OMG I FOUND SOMEONES TATTING... I pick it up and it was like plastic... or something...flexible, white. I don't usually bother Anthony with tatting stuffs but i really had to show him this one...The thing was made to resemble tatting...even more so proven, there were little lines to seem like they were stitches....

I thought that this was so funny that someone went through the trouble to make something look like tatting, but didn't actually tat it...strange? they even went as far as having little plastic piece sticking out like little picots. sorry i couldn't get a better picture... but i thought i would share with you guys!


PattyD said...

I think piece of plastic tatting is what got me started on my journey in tatting. Those plastic pieces have be available for a very long time!

shannon_in_love said...

so what are they? are they supposed to be a place mat...or like a doily?