Saturday, October 22, 2011

forgot the title last time, but not time time.

 This is my very own dragon. I don't remember the name of the thread but it reminds me of strawberrys, so this is Strawberry my protector. She sits on my wall at my bedroom entrance. I have to admit that i was always saying "whats the big deal, they are just thread. just thread" I couldn't understand the obsession with dragons. But i understand now. After i finished the last stitch, Strawberry seemed to say thank you for tatting me into creation. Believe it or not but this mire thread has personality. I couldn't believe it. but it does. I did one for my sister, all red in size 10. he's mean. same thing happened, tatted him and he was just thread, immediately after i finished it had weird.
 This is my very first, very very first dieing my own thread. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color orange. I have no clue why, I just do. it was about 20 yards, and really a really great color. I will from now on dye my own least my solid color :)
 This was me, yesterday messing around with different tatting methods. So amazing in the last few days. The amound of craziness and talent. the amount of creativity and thinkin out side the box. So got me on the look out. First i was lead to paridise treasures for loop tatted rings. Which i wanted to do a video on...but as it turns out the volume was SUPER low on, and i have to re-tape it...why do i say re-tape. we don't tape video anymore...whats the word for it lost...........

Continuing on...this was celtic picots...joined up there and not join down there... the join is quite nice. The un-joined reminds me of Phineas and Ferb, Jeremy's little sister. What do you think???

 This is my practice from KCABRERA'S inverted tatting video. I love her videos. Y'all should really check her out! I was practicing for leaves... needless to say I need to practice some more :) The butterfly down here is upside down. i took the phot upside down and I am much to lazy to take another, load it back on my computer and add it i'm just gonna turn it...ok that didn't work...just imagine it right side up...
 This was the genius i was talking about...the buttterfly...the genius. INSTEAD of this being a SCMR...its just a ring (technically ...) with rings...craziness. You wrap the thread around your hand twice and then start. You don't tat normally, you don't flip the stitches...then you do the regular rings and continue the second half of the split ring...then you close. ANYWAY here is the link...---> LINK

 And this, this is my handkerchief...i finally did it. and its bad, but it was my first time so i forgive myself :). I cut the other pattern i was trying to do, and i decided to go with VANCE. Its my favorite pattern and i could do it for miles. So here is the corner. I went with all fives...i love the symmetry of it. fives work really well for tatting.
 and the side. as you see the handkerchief started undoing. how you get this to stop is beyond me...but. i tried.
I also tried Marth Ess's Skeleton...didn't work for me either...i only got done with the first disturbed and couldn't finish, been trying to do a pumpkin for Halloween but...theres still time. Anyway. If you got some tatting stuffs, like a blog or what not, let me know so i can check out your pictures... i love seeing tatting!!!