Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tatting update!

 So, like i said a while ago, my camera is really irritating me. Today is a tatting blog day. I finally got it to import the pictures, so here is some tatting i have been working on....I made an alphabet super simple, I still need to make my H. Further down you will notice a Fleur De Lis-ish pattern. It was an antique one, but it didn't lay nice for me, so i modified it, and i think it's better :)...Ok bloggers layout sucks, description of the photo is gonna be under the pictures :)

Antique fleur de lis, left is original, center is first mod, and third is the final

top part of a tatted hot air balloon
bottom of hot air balloon. stopped here because next row deals with "sets" which i hate
Jane Ebroalls 2004 snowflake
I love the center, i thought that it needed a close up.

a flower by jennifer williams

a heart also by jennifer williams, i love this heart!  

So CURRENTLY i am working on a doily from this blog -------> HERE the pattern is through out the blog. such beautiful work!


rsmre said...

Hi Shannon,
Thank you for the links to the Jennifer Williams and the Renulka Frywolitki websites. Very pretty patterns on both sites. It would be great if you posted the links at InTatters.
Thanks again,