Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today has been a weird sort of day. I have finally understood something that i have failed to understand. Why are people upset by people dying. Now please understand, i have never had someone really close to me die. So i haven't really understood. I, of course rationalize...they will never see that person And i understand its very sorrowful. But it hit me today when i heard that an internet buddy died. I was in shock. Then i checked her blog to see if it was true. the last post was the 4th. It was about a challenge she was going through. stitching. I got really sad. No more blog posts. She will never type again. Her blog is there, but she isn't. Its weird. Then I got to thinking. Well she was in the middle of that challenge. She'll never finish. What happens to her work she has yet to finish. Its sad. She was a wonderful woman, who had a great heart. She helped a lot of people. Sadly enough that it was her death that taught me the compassion for people mourning their loved ones and friends. I appreciate it. I wish it was a lesson that got put off. 

Thank you Gina. For making me a better person.

Happy Valentines day. 
To all, even those who don't celebrate it, i hope you have a bit of love in your lives :)


kittytat said...

I wish to thank you for your youtube tutorial for buttons. I was looking everywhere for one and found you! You were the only button tute I could find. I now know how to attach them. I am teahing myself I want to know everything yesturday lol

I LOVE your sence of humor in your tutorials HUGS

Fox said...

Hi, Shannon,
I was scooting around your blog tonight, just checking things out and I stopped here and was so moved by your eloquence.

This was so real and heartfelt - powerful - and there is such a wonderful life’s message in your observations.

Thought I’d just tell you....
Fox : )