Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not really a lesson, but something interesting

I don't think i have expressed how much i like the vance pattern. Its very simple and i could do it for years. this is the basic pattern

vance edging as a bracelet

My boys started getting tutoring which meant 2 hours, three days a week at the library. And so I took tatting and the first pattern that came to mind was vance. So i did 9 repeats cornered went back down the side and finished that corner. Now this is relevent because at the corner, i saw a very pretty thing. The possiblity of a vance motif. The corner is a simple 3 repeat. If i added a fourth it would be a diamond. So i started thinking on how i would make it. These are the ways i came up with.
1. Regular motif, follow the pattern times four.

2.start with split rings then go around with the rest of the pattern

3.split rings with rings thrown off, 2nd round is just chains.
Whats your "go to" pattern. Do you ever think of different ways to mess around with edgings?


** jess! ** said...

FUN! I bet that would look really cute with four out them together. It would form a little circle/ square in the center right?
I have load of ideas, but little time to execute. :o)

kittytat said...

Very pretty!