Tuesday, June 19, 2012

hmmm. Well. my life has been pretty...boring. The kids got out of school last week. I have been battling a headache for just as long. Finally its starting to ease up, after drinking a ton of OJ, and taking headache meds. Hopefully i can keep it at bay for a couple days. It sounds weird, but i like my headaches...they make me thankful for the days i don't have then. I love being grateful. So. I haven't seen my sister, so I don't know how her tatting is going, but I have been tatting a bit. I have been tatting a necklace. Its suppose to be a necklace, or edging...but i think its going to be a necklace. Its fleur de lis. its a really nice pattern. I also ordered Julie Pattersons books...i think i told you all that last time. well i was flipping through and i found this center of a cross. it was just too cool to pass up.

Some tatters stray away from crosses because of personal beliefs but. you can take a cross and dissect it. the long arm can be extended for an edging, bracelet or necklace. The arms can be shortened to become a motif. Crosses can also inspire. Personally i don't think you should limit your self. Especially if your an artist. You could be missing out. But...anyway.

 I think i told you. i love orange. this is a great color orange. and thats girly girl...i have a confession. I found out that i really don't like variegated threads. its weird. I have tried a bit of variegated but i just really am a solids kind of girl. I was even the one who sent in the suggestion for this colorway. I love seeing it on the ball. but i don't like tatting with it. Here is another example...Caribbean. I love the colors but i get tired of the going back and forth...and its so weird. But that is a bookmark.Next up is a bracelet i made my mom for mothers day. I think its just soooo pretty.

ok. so i think that's all for updates...TTYL!


kittytat said...

I never thought of my migraines that way...I too have one right now...lack of sleep but well worth it, was with my daughter giving birth to my grandson.

I love your tatting <3

shannon_in_love said...

welll, i don't know about that...i have also been having trouble sleeping...i've resorted to sleeping pills. hopefully tonight i can sleep without them. AND thats really awesome about your grandson! hope your family is fairing well :) new babies are exciting!