Wednesday, September 5, 2012

woe is me.

Dear blogging friends...i need some help,
i need to know how to get over missing my kids so much. 
Last year when they went to kindergarten, it really wasn't so was only 4 hours after all. But now i am having some SEVERE heartbreak. My kids leave at 7:30 am and go to school 'till 2, then they are wanting to go to boys and girls club...'TIL 6pm! Its only been 2 days but i have been so sad. Will it go away or just get worse. And then on top of it...when they get home they want to immediately go outside to play. I feel I wasn't expecting to feel this until they hit teens...but here it is..first grade. Please tell me that it gets better. 

On to tatting stuffs. I have been tatting a little bit...i did jon's fold over bookmark, and a tiny cross...and yet no photos...I have been into sewing of late. I made my boys a pencil pouch out of clear vinyl...if you have never sewn with vinyl, your missing out...because I found a helpful hint tape (scotch) on the needle plate beside the feed dogs, and on the actual was a blast! I also made their bags for school. Atreyu wants a pink satin pocket and azriel wants a spider man logo...right now i am looking through my window and I see them playing ball tag...its hilarious. Any way... i am also hoping to make a pair of pants for myself, my friend Marie gave me some nice tweed material... but i am fat so it might just be some capris ;) 

On top of that... i have been playing with hexagons...Now this story is a must, because i read all sorts of blogs, and i came across a couple that sounded mental...saying things like i love hexagons, hexagons are the best, my world is i decided to learn how to do hexagons...they thing that perplexed me, was the template... when and how does it come out...i found that it does come out. after you sew up the ones around the central can take it out. i LOVE LOVE LOVE sewing these... i am not a hand sewer at all... i hate it and avoid it like the plague...but i love doing these little things... so i am going through my scraps and just randomly putting them together...ok. so actually i gotta run, because Marie is looking for some help...So toodles!