Monday, August 26, 2013

In the beginning..

So a lot of people look at tatting and get discouraged....They see a TON of LITTLE KNOTS and they think I can NOT possibly do this. So I try to make it as small and do able as I can. Its one knot...over and over again. Its just a ring and a chain. Its completely doable. 

To the beginners, you can do this. It is just slightly difficult in the beginning. The only thing that is the biggest obstacle is the flip. 

For needle tatters its the twist that is the biggest obstacle. And for this I would say just drop the needle and let it spin how it wants. 

Actually that goes for both types of tatters...I do that in shuttle tatting too.

With needle tatting there is a bit more control. Which is good and bad. Good in the sense that you know your rings will usually be more even....bad as in more variables...

Say you want your work to look just use a smaller needle until you are happy with the is where swatches come into play...YES the dreaded swatch...its good to know what will be and the dimensions of your work. If you want your work, puffier...a larger needle. There is really NO standard when it comes to needle is all about what look you are going for.

You are never going to learn anything new, unless you practice...nothing in the world is learned without practice...I still agonize over my tatting not being perfect...
I have been tatting for years now, and i have only had 1 piece that was PERFECT... Not one off sized ring. not one miscounted anything. The tension is perfect all over... only one. Out of HUNDREDS of motifs, edgings, earrings, bracelets....out of piece. I think every tatter wants perfect work. But the reality is, its the mistakes that make life wonderful...even in the worst times. So practice. If you find you are pounding your head against the wall with frustration...set it down. come back to it another day...because one day, something will come out perfect...and you realize that all that time spent on perfecting it was worth it.