Saturday, May 29, 2010

Opening Arguements

This is my 1st blog and blog post. Well I suppose I ought to tell you something. First off I created this blog to reach my goal. I really don't have any friends so this is my brag place. The reason besides bragging, to make this blog is to share what I learn with people. Mainly things I really haven't found other places. Let's get something right off the bat...I really don't design things. I'm not a designer. sorry. I lack the imagination. But I am really good at figuring things out and teaching them back. I teach how I would want to be taught. How I look at things. How my brain works. This blog isn't going to be sunshine and daisy's. I am a dark person, I complain... a lot. I gripe. Like I said its mainly for bragging. My kids, games, crafts, personal triumphs and worries. So yeah. enjoy or hate whatever...just learn something.