Monday, May 31, 2010

Who would've thunk?

I was going to post about tatting rings...silly me i forgot you need to know how to double stitch before. So...the double stitch. I believe its also called a double hitch and what "knot" get it whatnot and what knot... anyway... I made a video but be for i pop that on here I want to stress to all you new tatters and old tatters alike...EVERYONE has their own style. some just hold the thread differently..who knows.. but what i do know is that the end product is the same. A wonderful piece of ART. You are going to get down trodden at sometime or another... I promise this. And those people reading now and saying "well i never.." you will. Just breathe and come back to it later.

So on to the actual stitch...umm... its made in two parts...1st half hitch and the second. to make the stitches you have to have a shuttle and ball threads or a shuttle thread wrapped around your hand preparing to make a ring. so in other words a core and working thread. To start make the core thread taut. pass the shuttle around your hand and under the's the trick. "They" call it the flip... i call it well whatever. My brain works this way "hold the shuttle thread and move the ball thread along it." key to this is to keep your left (if your right handed) loose. and just let the stitches slide. let them slide to your finger. For the next half...

position the shuttle over the thread and take it under the thread...again tighten the shuttle and let the half slide to your finger. that is a double stitch, a DS , a pair of pant on a string... whatever. what you really did is the first part of tatting...Congrats! Now for the video to actually show you how to do it.

So onto matters of life...nothing interesting. boyfriends BBQ-ing, its freaking MUGGY here... anyone else live in Sacramento?