Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I shall call you squishi, and you will be my squishi!

Apparently lack of sleep is a good thing. Since getting the van, there were two times i needed to wake the kids up at 4:30 AM to pick up Anthony. to me a bit unfair, but i understand and that's why i do it, did it. Needless to say i have been more tired than usual. But it spawned three patterns. THREE patterns. The first one i am going to unveil right now in this post. The thing is that the first one that i wanted to share with y'all was a bit unstable, so i need to go back and work on it. Both of the patterns are bears, variations of pretty much the same bear. So the first one....Her name is Squishi. Named by my dear sister. SO here's Squishi.

To me she is kinda creepy. There was nothing really special about her, she is done in rings and chains, Balanced double stitch and thrown off rings.

So information about BDS - balanced double stitch is here Jane calls it the double double stitch

A thrown off ring (TOR) is starting with a chain, then where you want the ring, you take the top shuttle and use it to make a ring, after closing the ring, you continue the chain like normal.

So here's the pattern


R1 5ds -5ds
C 7ds
R2 7ds +7ds (to R1)
C 6ds TOR (20 ds) cl
C 10ds TOR (20 ds) cl
C 6ds
R3 7ds +7ds (to R1)
C 7ds + (to base of R1)


R 20 BDS 4 picots 20 BDS cl carefully. it will be slightly difficult.
C 6ds TOR ( 6ds, 3 picots, 6ds)cl
C 10ds TOR (20ds) cl
C 4ds + 1ds + 1ds + 1ds + 5ds TOR (20ds)cl <---all joins here are lock joins.
C 10ds TOR (6ds, 3 picots, 6ds)cl
C 6ds + (to base of head)

Cut, tie and hide ends. or tie into a bow!

Voila! Squishi.

Next I have a star, but that will have to wait till I send them off to my exchange partner. TTYL!