Wednesday, February 23, 2011

my expedition!

Man what a night. Tonight Anthony needed to be at work at midnight. Lucky that the place was no where new. I already knew where it was. The trouble came afterward. I hopped onto the wrong freeway, went almost all the way to my OLD apartment before it clicked that i was so totally on the wrong freeway. Now if you know the Sacramento area you know about business 80 and I-80. well i wound up on I-80. So ALL the way from Northgate back to Watt then to the right freeway onto home. Above all! the most frustrating part is i can't even tell Anthony till tomorrow, cause he forgot to grab the emergency cell for my way home, so he gave me his. So I can't even contact him.

And then we got home. Home, Home, Home. I live in an apartment. I have an outside door plus my own front door.....well i went and got a key from walmart for it, cause Anthony had the only one. It didn't work. So we asked the apartments to make one for me. Until tonight i hadn't used it...We got home!. My key didn't first. See apparently there is a trick to the stupid door, which means that my key will probably pretty key. But i was so scared that i was going to have to call my downstairs neighbor to save me again. Now obviously I don't want to do that to her luckily it worked...

All I have to say is, I am the most lucky and grateful person on the earth right at this moment.