Thursday, November 24, 2011

My thanks.

Boy oh boy. I start a lot of post like that don't I? So. Been reading blogs, Entered a couple giveaways, didn't win....but that doesn't stop me from trying :)! Its thanksgiving today. Growing up as a kid, thanksgiving was a lot to our family. My most memorable thanksgiving was when i was like 10. I was sitting in our dining room, when all hell broke loose. My brother or sister opened the front door and our dog Jane ran out. This was bad because she was in heat. So we all ran after her...By the time we got to her she was already stuck to him. Possibly the funniest, most sad thing... they were basically butt to butt, facing away from each other...stuck. My mom was yelling for us to get some cold water to separate them. Thats the funny. The sad, is that they were stuck...every time the moved she would cry out in pain...We finally got them apart, and got her back to the house....Just in time for Santa. I believe that was also the year that my grandma had thanksgiving with us...that was not fun, but to this day i really appreciate what she was trying to do.

2005...i was pregnant. Turkey was very bad for me. too juicy.  I love dry turkey. Weird I know but thats me. 2006...bad memories. anthony and i was separated, and everyone around me was crazy. the whole day was a mess.
2007...I was just pregnant. I really don't remember a whole bunch about that year, except that i was really pregnant. that following monday, I would have anavay. 
2008...We had thanksgiving at Anthony dad's house...not fun with 2 boys who were 2 and a 1 year old.
2009...I think we just had a little thanksgiving...Oh not to mention Anavays birthday was on thanksgiving!
2010...Krystal came over and it was hectic!!! and anavays birthday the day right after thanksgiving. far today, Anthony has work, and my sister is having dinner with my mom...needless to say I am pretty sad.
Sad, but so thankful. I have had a wonderful year. Blessed beyond belief. I have a car (van) now. Anthony has a job! My kids are great (even though they get on my nerves), my kids are cuddle bugs. I have advanced in my tatting. a lot less fights between Anthony and I. I have learned A LOT this year about random things. I really am happy with where we are right now. 

TATTING COMMUNITY... I would not be this happy if not for you. There is a lot of life lessons in tatting. Courtesy...patience...sharing...kindness...friendship...all great things to have. So keep doing what you're doing.