Friday, November 25, 2011

Well. I finally got around to checking my mail. To my surprise, I had a package. A Card, 2 flat wooden shuttles wound with lizbeth thread (2 colors i didn't have), A silver snowflake and floss threaders. In case you are a new tatter and don't really understand the threaders...I'll explain. They are great for adding beads to tatting and also a great tool for hiding ends (magic thread trick). I am also going to post this over on intatters (cause that's where the exchange went down :)) But I thought that I could brag over here. About...the shuttles. I am not really a flat shuttle kind of gal....but man are these nice! they are sooooo smooth and soft, I have never felt anything like it. So what i am thinking i am going to do, is to make a necklace out of one. So I can have a shuttle ANY where i go. Also so i have something to pet...I am not joking when I say they are smooth, my favorite is the one with green. Its like satin. The snowflake is already on my tree. It came in perfect time! We decorate the Christmas tree the day after thanksgiving...which would be today...So its on my tree and matches perfectly. My ornaments are silver, frosted silver, bronze-ish gold, with a peppermint silver, gold, and red. the colors of that snowflake...tell me thats not meant to be. 
close up of the shuttles

the snowflake

a horrible picture of the tree half done.
Have i mentioned that i don't like the blogger layout...its hard to put the pictures where i want...oh well . Ok, well I think that I should take the kids outside for a to y'all later!


rsmre said...

What a great exchange. Those shuttles are to die for! I love the peppermint garland on your tree.

Isa said...

Lovely exxhange! Wonderfull shuttles.
HAve a wonderful tatting day!