Sunday, July 1, 2012

My version of a pop flower.

Well. I have been wanting a gooey, girly, cartoony flower. and all the flowers that i have seen really didn't fit the bill. So i tried making my own. This is my "Pop Flower"

Pop Flower Pattern. (can be worked with 5 or 6 petals)

R  40 ds. thats right no picots in this pattern
Ch 20 join to ring... (how you literally join to the ring. its a shuttle join, and you pretend as if
                                the ring is a picot itself!)
Ch 20+20+20+20+(stop here if only doing 5 petals) 20+ (you can bury your ends at this point and have
                                 just a flower...or you can continue for a stem.)
zig zag chain in 5's. so 5 ds flipped, 5 ds UNFLIPPED
Do that for however long you want your stem.

Now you could go bigger and do a SCMR for the center ring, or make more petals. or less petals...but the real effect is on the backside. thats where the flower gets its look. The photo is of the backside. and that is the right side to show people...or animals...or....whatever. So Have fun.


** jess! ** said...

That is really cute!! Also, I love the pink!