Saturday, July 20, 2013


Well month. Firstly. my two oldest fish died. Cookie and kids named them, don't judge. But cookie, i knew he was going to go...but lolly...i had no idea. I guess it was a companion sort of deal. So that one crapped my week from the start.

I have been reading these awesome books. They are called The Undead day ___ (insert 1-12). I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. If you are into zombie books, pick these up...the author is R.R. Haywood.

I also read a book named Strangeville. It was a pretty good book, until the end...only one part was just god awful. Worth the read though.

So. I had the state fair demo Wednesday. OMG! What an experience...I have been tatting for like 5 years now...maybe a bit more. Up until a couple months ago, i had never met another tatter...i now have met like 6. I got SO many stories about my grandma use to... I have my gramas... i use to see... TONS. I had no idea that SO MANY people had been exposed to tatting, and never picked it up! I have no one in my family that do any of the crafts that i do. I am the black sheep. But i love it. SOOO...

this is what i had. I have never done anything like this in my life. I was so scared and nervous. So. Onto the stats...this took place from 11 am to 5pm...6 hours
temporary shuttles - 20-30
truly interested people (took time to try to learn a bit)-  10
somewhat interested (looked and asked) 30
not really interested ( "oh that's pretty" and walks away) 30
KIDS interested - 5 !!!! five that were genuinely interested in learning...i was really amazed
people who got the flip - 2! two women got the flip nearly right off the bat! i was so amazed that someone could learn the flip like that. I actually came up with a sing song....

Pinch the stitch
under, over through the loop
left hand loose
right line tight
Snug it up
over, up
left hand loose 
right line tight
snug it up

I don't know.
So make sure you have plenty of shuttles, and info cards. PEOPLE LOVED looking through my inspiration books. they especially liked the large tatting...i included it to show you could damn near tat with anything.
I had a needle tatter who thought that she was doing her tatting wrong...and she wasn't. She was just doing sets...1st half, 1st half, 2nd half, 2nd half...
Now...very important....GET ENOUGH SLEEP! I was so nervous that i didn't get to sleep until 2am then turned around and woke up at 730am. Definitely not enough sleep. So i was tired by...oh lets see, 1130! tired tired tired. I think i might do this again...except with someone else...Now i know what to expect, the next time i do it, it will be better. But i started...i started spreading the joy of tatting, the beauty. And even only a couple remember it, it will have been worth it. Tatting is NOT a LOST art. Not at all. and we are here to stay, and pass it on to others.

I have been to the fair twice this year. Exhausting stuff. So that's my week. ooo, and i cleaned my kids carpet fun.