Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Ordinary Day

I'm taking this opportunity to post an entry. All of my kids are downstairs playing. Boy oh Boy is it muggy here in Sacramento. I can't wait till it either rains or gets hot...Any way i was just thinking about the funny in my life. there is a gauge in my household. Its called the shirt test. Mind you this test needs to be ran many times in the course of the day. My son, Atreyu thinks that getting dressed is the best...even worst his theory in life is the smaller the better...I wish it was fitting just right. So the shirt test is you put your arms up and if we can see your belly its too today my other son AZRIEL wanted to wear his brothers shirt and of course it's obviously to small this is how it went.
tummy is showing??? solution? pull up the pants!!!

Boy I guess that didn't work . My daughter, by the way, has the oppisite opinion. she wears hers much larger.