Saturday, September 18, 2010

as time goes by

Have you ever reflected on your past life... odds are you have. If you have kids then you know a little more than others. I was just thinking....When i started to tat I tatted every single minute of every single day... then slowly, very slowly i noticed that it has lessened quite a bit. Then that lead to what other things have i loved, that i did every day that i don't do anymore...a few things came to mind...knitting, games, sex, reading, socializing...just a few that pop to my head.

My person problem is i want to do everything at the very same time, right away. and once i have pretty much learned all the aspects of that thing then....out it goes. So i find myself sitting here on a Saturday yurning to tat something, but nothing comes to mind. yesterday i ordered some more tatting books.

UCK! had to go tend to my slow cooking. man oh man i hate shrimp. it just feels soooo wrong. so very wrong. this time i didn't have to do anything but rip off the poor shrimps tail. i can't believe that i got through that....ok back to our blog.

Books. i know that i will want to do a few patterns out of them... and plus a couple kid books for night time... not the books that i wanted.. well 1 book i wanted that i didn't get... Amelia bedelia. i love that bitch! but seriously. she is so funny, but i know that if i had to deal with her i would probably kill myself. but i got Where the Sidewalk Ends, and the little red hen. i think that they would love to listen to those. But i think that they would have fallen off their butts laughing at Amelia. Any one want to send me one? LOL. I also need to find another copy of green eggs and ham. I love Dr.Seuss so much. Any way....that's 4 tatting books for me, and 2 kid books for the kids...for $9.50! I think that is so awesome. i used my gift cards from SWAGBUCKS...then amazon free shipping with super saving....first time for everything.

Thursday i was watching Grey's Anatomy and it was the last seasons finale... boy it was so much more emotional the second time around...even though i knew what was going to happen. I love watching TV without any one around. I am free to really experience the show or movie. That's part of the reason i hate going to the movies. i can't experience the movie in front of everyone.

Boy this is pretty direction-less. I keep thinking about ripping off the tails. i still feel them in my fingers.

As you can tell i am feeling a lot less pitiful. That's because Monument had been having Anthony working... i feel so much better when he is gone... i know that sound messed up, but it happens. you start to miss someone, then all of a sudden they matter to you again... i love that feeling of people mattering. its a healthy pain. I can't wait for it.

Today I am doing 2 recipes in my slow cookers... thats right two. A large as hell 7 quart and a tiny 2.5 quart... see why i needed a larger one? totally justified. So i am making APPLE BUTTER and COUNTRY CAPTAIN CHICKEN
the chicken smells weird to me. Its not really food i eat normally...but i am trying to change my palette.
the apple butter is smelling awesome. although its competing with some strong smells. I had never tasted apple butter but Anthony bought some, i used it for sandwiches and that was the first day i did not have to tell any of them to eat their lunch...even Ana. she ate it all. I was so amazed. So I am trying to make some more.


Stephanie Grace said...

First off, my hubby has been home from work on vacation for a week... I know what you mean about needing that time away! I definitely love him more when he's not here --or, at the very least, not as often!!!

I wish I could help with the Amelia book... I did realize, though, that you must either have or need to get "Alexander and Terrible, HOrrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" That's a MUST! I know grown adults that still read that book when they have a bad day --I need a copy myself --and not for kids since I don't have any! LOL.

As far as the sudden changes with "every minute of every day" to "little to nothing" maybe you're like me... I immerse myself in something so wholly that I burn out and take a "break" and then it's rare that I go back. I'm still trying to fit reading, tatting, writing, reviewing, online surveys, housework, and general keeping up with friends and family into a day or week. It's not working... too many loves.... not to mention that I have a million ideas for other crafts that I want to get back into but... no time. Grrr.... Yes, I think I might just feel your pain....

And, NOW, why not put the Apple Butter on a chicken breast? Apple and chicken can go quite well together.

Okay, me hush now...

-Stephanie Grace

shannon_in_love said...

the captain chicken has apples in it and boy oh boy is it spicy! i tasted a little and my tongue was yelping in pain. i think i might make something different for the kids. i'm going to see how they like it first. And the terrible, horrible, no good day.. is also one of my favorites! but sadly didn't even enter my head... i am sooo going to look into that...