Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A little of this...a little of that

I just wanted to drop in and update about a little bit of everything. First off. I am currently tatting Mary Koniors queen of hearts... picture soon. secondly. boy oh boy. a friend said i should enroll my two boys in preschool. i am so scared and nervous....there is so much to do, scared scared scared.

A little bit of good news...i think i might knit for a while... i don't know. i feel just sooo...blah! which is a shame because its so pretty outside..I was thinking about doing this pattern 10 STITCH BLANKET
There I am committed to it...i opened the

So funny though...Caillou is about Halloween today...(god i hate that show...the kids love it though) I wonder what i am going to make my kids... i really kinda don't want to go trick or treating this oh yeah for the time being i stopped trying to potty train Anavay. Honestly right now, neither of us are going to succeed at this. I am too stressed about stuff to be as patient as she needs. I think I will try again next week. It sucks about trying to potty train her because i can't take her out any where, tons of laundry from her and a ton of cleaning the floors. But she does like going on the big potty with the little potty seat. She just glows when she goes potty...glows i tell you.

Oh and i should be getting three of my books in the mail today.. UBER EXCITED