Sunday, January 30, 2011

Failure, Triumph, And Karma.

First off, I have been doing...doing tons of stuffs, and yet nothing at all. Strange, isn't it. First up on the blog is FAILURE. I consider this...this sock of sorts a failure. It is the most uncomfortable, most irritating sock ever made. It was my attempt on loom knitting...Needless to say, yes it looks like a sock. but it is a failure. I am happy to report that i am not going to make another one.

This is the motif i am going to be using for a trade on facebook in my tatting group. Isn't it gorgeous! I most definitely consider this a triumph. And a challenge. I had never tatted anything like it before. And i love how the black and white look so modern and clean. Obviously I still need to hide ends and see about blocking...but i am stuck... so this is in that gray area of triumph and failure. I don't know quite how to add the necklace part... I still have time so that's all good.

Next is my TIAS. My guess is a frog in metamorphosis Now karma. the golden rule. I really don't know what made me want to go into this on here but it really is important...really to everyone's life. Karma. To me it means, if you are a jackass to someone, you are going to get it back. One so predominant is my arms. growing up I was and always had been fat. A while back, when i was still a teenager, I would constantly tease and be mean to my sister about her arms. As time went on it got old, so i stopped, but not before karma kicked in. To make me understand about how my sister felt about her arms, karma distorted my arms as she had. Bingo wings my boyfriend calls them. As much of a lesson it was to me, i am really attached to them. Sure i miss my nice arms, but if i still had those arms then my daughter wouldn't use them for security. There is always the good with the bad, and I am lucky for karma to teach this to me. Which has me worrying for the same reason.

I am to give this beautiful necklace to my sister come Thursday. Thursday is a huge day. I have not said one word to my mom for two years solid, it would have been three if my sister hadn't gotten pregnant and had her baby... Obviously i needed to go, also my mom was there and i obviously needed to tell her that i was there for my sister, and not to talk to me. So two years.

I need some answers, I need some life decisions made, by me and my mom. And what has me worried is my brother. He is really bad for my mom and i know that it isn't my place to tell her not to trust him or whatever, but this is supposed to be an open conversation to hopefully repair my relationship with my mom, but to do that its going to take strength and harshness. And I am really worried that karma is going to bite me. Do you think that karma bites up if the intentions are good, to better things. I hope not. Wish me luck. I am so nervous. And scared. And scared.


SonDoras Miles said...

The necklace is beautiful. I would love to make one. I'm a new tatter. I have been tatting about 8 days now. I'm very excited. I'm pretty good at needle, but having a hard time with the shuttle. I have watched your videos very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

SonDoras Miles said...

Beautiful necklace. I would love to make one, but may be out of my league. I've been tatting for roughly 8 days now. Doing ok with needle tatting, but the shuttle isn't as easy. Where can I obtain the pattern? Thanks for sharing your videos as well. They are really helpful. Do you have any hints/tips for new tatters? I'm currently using needle #3and lizbeth thread #3.