Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok. Now the pictures i was taking about. first up is my little bit of bobbin lace. The blue is supposed to be the gimp, i think i should have used some thread that was a bit thicker. But for the practice, it will do. The patter uses torchon ground, spiders, and an alternating diamonds. Please make no never mind about the boo boo on the left :)

Next is a little motif that was started as a heart, but something went tragically wrong. Also take a look at my kids handy work... do you see the missing picots...i do. Any way I am going to re-tat this and close it as a tear drop, and give it to my sister.
This is my TIAS. Day 5. My guess...hmm. gecko?mmm bear rug?mmm I have no idea, maybe tomorrow. Mine is done in a baby pink and white, size 10 thread and red size 10 beads.
Some more of the tatting i have been doing. This necklace (for me) is revolutionary! usually the closure is in the back of the necklace. My necklaces that i have been making have the toggle in front. For a couple reasons. it keeps it centered in my front neck/throat. I have been testing this for the past three days... always centered. I used a zig-zag chain...i think i need to find a different chain, because after three days of me wearing it the chain looks weird. certainly not like this picture...what chain would look good...maybe padded tatting...?
And the frosting! my wide picot idea. I could totally imagine some pretty earrings with this technique....Imagine...a great big wide picot with beads on it, and a bead in a picot in the middle of the wide picot, I think it would look like a chandelier.