Monday, July 19, 2010


Boy oh Boy!
So lucky. today windows media player is WORKING!!!!
So i am uploading my video, that i meant to upload A WEEK AGO!

The video is how i un tat my rings. I show two methods that i personally use. The first is through picots. I do realize that i tear off a piece of thread but its ok... but I show you because it is really heard to tell. The second way is if you don't have a picot to work you can use one or the other or both... do what you want. This is how i do it. The Second method is REVERSE SPLIT CHAIN basically. in the video i say something about it but here is what i was TRYING to say...
If you know how to split chain then you know the theory and you would understand how to reverse it.

TO make this easier...this method...just remember that you are un-doing. so if you see your thread going through a loop then you put your shuttle through going the other way..reversing... Boy oh Boy. I am confusing y'all more and more.

I have been tatting up a storm...ish. i love this pattern I did mine in black thread with a red button and red beads. pictures later. Also I did Hearts and Flowers
again in black thread but with blue later...

I love this week already. Trying to start with positive! My sister is coming over wednesday! I can not wait to see my niece. And here she is! My little MIRA (her real name is miracle but know...lazy)