Friday, July 16, 2010

A rant an not really tatting related,

sorry y'all my windows movie maker hasn't been working. still going to be a day or so for the un tatting. its been so turbulent here... stuff might be happening next week... i just don't know...maybe everything will be ok...maybe. But i am expecting the worst.

Amazingly Anthony has been trying really hard to job search...and by that it means i have been yelling more.
i HATE the public transit out here. it so expensive. its so expensive and they expect us to get onto a flaming hot, muggy, smelly bus and be happy paying for it... i'm sorry, if the stupid bus has a stupid AC turn it on! ESPECIALLY when its OVER 100 outside... Stupid!. Stupid.

Yesterday i had to go to my doctors appointment. its all the way in north Sacramento...actually Carmichael and i live in south i had to leave at 10:50 in the morning to get there at 1:30PM!
Luckily for me most of the buses i had to utilize was air conditioned...but i got on one and the stupid bus driver wouldn't turn on the AC. By that time it was 101. GrRR. I got home and took a shower...boy that felt good.

I love my doctors office. I only go to get birth control, so every three months. BUT everytime i go out there i end up getting a really bad headache and i get really sick...not to mention i have a touch of i usually come home and throw up (sorry for being graphic) and i am usually sick for a couple days after...LUCKILY i am not sick this time. so lucky.

Its the 16th. We have already spent...$34 for JUST the bus... and we are going to HAVE to spend another $18 at least...that's not counting if Anthony finds a job...which i am more than happy to spend THAT bus fare. LOL


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

That IS quite an expense!! Hopefully he'll find a job, then you can get an economically running car where the bus fares would go for a tank of gas and you can go farther and do 'happier' traveling.