Monday, July 12, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates.

I got my Freaky Freida today in the mail! I wasn't expecting her for another 2 days....but here she is...
she is so tiny and lovable...look at those eyes...that smile...just look!
something i WAS NOT expecting is that she SPARKLES!
She's been watching me for a while now...i love how she looks at me...not judging just loving...even though right there she looks as if to say "should you REALLY be blogging..."

Also in the mail I got my earring hooks. FINALLY. I can make earrings now and I have no idea why my laptop is so..grainy. it feels like someone poured sand on it.

My blessings. right now i am only listening to the sound of the bird outside my window Coo and the really large, really loud, really old fan go...I love nap time.. i have never taken one for granted...and i never will because they are cherished..
today Anthony went to apply to work at the state fair...its only 2 weeks but its work, and it makes him happy. I haven't heard from him all day... hopefully that's good news and not bad.

on the blog I won Freida from, she has another giveaway. Its for button pins. Here's the link to the blog...Fishing and Wishing. and Here's the particular contest...and here's the link to the Esty seller providing the contest...Eye Candy! I asked her if she would make a tatting button and she said she might and that it might be out some time this keep an eye out.

Later tonight or tomorrow I am going to put another video on my YouTube and then here...its going to be about UNTATTING

fearful word i know, but maybe it will help...someone...out....there...somewhere....


Stephanie Grace said...

Aww! Wook how cute! :-) I actually have that exact color of Polymer (the blue) in my parents' basement and this made me wish it was here! LOL... No, Stephanie! No clay or ANYTHING until you tat better, woman! ROFL...

Yay for naptime and Yay for buttons! LOL.

Okay, okay, My thoughts have flown the coop.

-Stephanie GRace