Thursday, July 8, 2010

To blog or To not blog...

Hmm. Today was eh OK. So nice without Anthony should happen more We have been lucky. Someone was giving away a really old fan on Sacramento Freecycle. We are SO lucky. they had posted it was taken and we thought we had lost the fan...BUT NO. the morning after it was posted taken...she brought it to my apartment. I didn't even catch her name...she was just in and out. I hardly saw her face... She has no idea how wonderful it is to have a powerful fan. A wonderful person who made us monumentally happy...Thank you! thank you so much...

Again Lucky...I was looking in my empty wallet and i came across my gyno appointment card...dated for TODAY. I would've so missed my appointment...luckily i was able to reschedule...i didn't miss my depo shot thank god.

Again Lucky. Since Anthony wasn't here (and out job searching) I was able to sit under the shade and talk with another mommy...she's such a nice person.

Dinner tonight- ravioli's for the kids and Anthony and taco for me.;p

can you hear everything rattling up there in my head...*rattle rattle*

On to tatting... i realized that i hadn't posted my shuttle video for split rings or split chains. First up is...split ring... single shuttle split ring is saved for another video... and another day

Explanation: usually this technique would be used in a pattern and (most likely) have both threads already there... in such a case DO NOT tie the knot!!! this is just to get you familiar with the technique. also there is a nice way to start another thread when doing a split ring or anything else...angain...another video...another day!

Next is...split chains!
I now realize that there are doing split chains going from right to left and split rings going left to right... i suppose you could just TURN your work...hmm...sad enough that thought just hit me...oh well. By the way (BTW) I did split chains going left to much easier (FOR ME)

Anything else to share? mmm. Eating Blue Bunny MINT CHOCOLATE cream in a class by itself...its so good. if your a fan cream or mint chocolate chip...go try it...seriously the quality is ASTOUNDING.

damn it! just looked at the clock...its 5:30 and i forgot to do the boys toys...supposed to freecycle them...or most of them...I know i am going to just list them tomorrow...Adios for now!