Thursday, October 14, 2010

onwards and upwards!

ok. so i am in the mood for some sharing....tatting sharing and kid sharing...first up is my tatted necklace. it was made from the merry-go-round edging out of one of my tatting books. I am not sure of the thread, but the closure is a snap closure...i also used on on my green bracelet...below...

this is the green bracelet. it was tatted with i believe knit cro-sheen or something like that... but yeah it is this pattern. but i believe you need to be a member of NSAN to access it. i like it a lot...a lot a lot.

this is my work that i did on the bus today...i hate, i hate the motif... everything was giving me a problem...but there that pattern is again...told you i love it.
then this is my wonderful family. planting their bean plants...and my basil...shown excited... i am growing something that i am actually going to use... bizarre.
see my baby basil!

on to little weirdo... ATREYU. he has been acting think of it all my kids are acting weird... Anavay and Azriel are being ultra clingy... it makes me feel as if they feel as they are going to loose me. that makes me sad...but i am ultra happy at all of the hugs and kisses. because i know in a small time they are going to not want to hug their i am lapping it up right not.
this is my little artist... Az. see how proud of his sun he is...i love all of his drawings...
and Anavay...looking so darn cute! i cannot wait for her to stop being so ooooo cute. some times it makes me angry...because she tries to use it when shes in trouble...ok so thats the end of my blog today...i am so happy that i am in a better mood...cause that was just...annoying being that sad.