Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tatting in movies and mad skills.

SO this morning my kids were asking me for pumpkin head... i have no clue about this but i know theirs is NOT MY understaning of pumpkin head...So i thought that they might be in a haloween type of mood...So i put on the cartoon sleepy hollow...the adventures of Ichabod and mr. toad, Anthony noticed something very weird...enter in....TATTING!!!!!!!!

So weird though... its not listed under Tuesday!?

I also wanted to share a video of my oldest (Azriel) cutting an apple.
The situation...:
2 apples...
3 kids wanting apples...

Enter in my son...with his amazing problem solving skills. Without being told he goes to the kitchen and grabs a butter knife. (also being safe) he starts cutting (in his hand...not so safe) and my daughters reaction to getting only a half of an apple. And my super hot security guard boyfriend...(hey i'm trying here)... also its night so it means that my camera looks super crappy...enjoy!

Also later tonight (after the kids go to bed) i have a video addressing the "shoelace trick"


Wally said...

I like the "Tatting and Chatting" fro a group's name. :-) Your kids are so cute!!! Poor baby got a broken apple. lol

shannon_in_love said...

and she was truly heartbroken..