Monday, December 13, 2010

Enough with the UCK!

My bobbin lace! LACE Y'ALL! Actual lace. I love bobbin lace.
On the left is A "baby heather" pattern out of Lessons in Bobbin Lacemaking. (I totally recommend this book!)In real life it is an off white color and is nice, but twists. On the right is my favorite...on that note i am going to say that the heather edging was my favorite until i made the right side...just sayin'. So the right side pattern is also out of the same book... its called net stitch edging. it is my favorite. its very nice, sturdy, pretty, its done in white and has a bit of a curve to it... If anyone can explain this to me, please do!

Also i discovered a couple more things... One: I like my homemade bobbins better than the ones i bought...Two: I like my non-moving bobbins better than the ones that the beads move...Three: even though i like the non moving ones better, it is MUCH easier winding the bobbins with the moving beads.

Learning something new is so much fun... which is why i need the physical book to do so... I flip back and forth, and use post its... Its so exciting.

On the tatting front, there has been very little... I made some of Mary Koniors "onion skins" edging, while doing laundry the last time...but i don't have a picture. I made three STUMPY's in pink... two of them are going to be earrings...i just have to hide the ends of one...So tragic...i missed the large ring at the end on one, then didn't join the last picot on another and so on the third i tatted EXTREMELY came out ok, just really tightly tatted...Hey i should come up with a tatting tongue twister...let's see

ok a little one...Tatting tightly is tough... ok that sucked...