Saturday, December 18, 2010

Watching Sonic the headghog and fun

Alright... the rest of my family is coming over right now so i figured i would blog real quick...

Personal: my fam is coming over and i am super duper DUPER excited...we are going to have christmas early with them and then christmas later with just ourselves...Since i know that my sister doesn't read my blog... i got her two tattoo books! her friend Tori got her tattoo filled in and i am getting her tattoo books... can you tell where her heart lies? She is going to love one especially because it goes through the techniques and the Whys and other really cool stuff... also information on how to get INTO tattooing... shes going to love it... Also yesterday I went to a potluck... boy oh boy it was great. everyone who came actually brought something... Halloween it wasn't like that... but it was great. ok. so on Facebook, i got friend requests from my cousin and Aunt...I haven't talked to my aunt in years.. and my cousin even longer... I sent some lace to my aunt.... so unfortunately i dont have that lace to show off... and i wasn't quite on mind to scan it... which brings me to BOBBIN LACE!
Bobbin lace:
most recent project...
they are called SPIDERS...I was telling my sister that my head was exploded during this pattern... and it was... First off it had 13 pair... more than i had ever used... which is pathetic considering i have seen a photo of someone working 500 PAIRS! craziness...So 13 pairs... the spiders itself is really simple... the sides are also something i know... the head exploding thing, was trying to remember how to tie the sides and the spiders together...To be honest i probably won't attempt this pattern again...see lucky for me (my excuse for such a tiny piece) the thread broke and i have no idea how to fix or replace a broken thread...darn ;).

Tatting: Have not done a darn thing... i was making "posy" on the bus but for some reason it looked really crappy... that made me sad...

SO that's about it... really... i mean i could go into how icky i have felt, but it is really boring.

1 week till Christmas... so happy.

Happy Merry Christmas Peoples!!!


Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel