Saturday, December 11, 2010

WARNING: sick post...graphic, gross. No tatting

Boy oh Boy! this last week or so has been so hard...WARNING GRAPHIC LANGUAGE BELOW!

For this saga i need to go all the way back to thanksgiving-ish... Anthony worked that Friday, was major sick...had to take the next day off of work (yes it was that damn bad), wound up getting every one in the house sick... luckily it didn't transfer to my sister's family... two days after Anthony was feeling better, Atreyu sat on the toilet and gave us insight on how sick HE was feeling, luckily Anthony was sitting right there... ready to not do ANYTHING... i had to clean up the puke...not fair... so that started upset my stomach, that night he slept on the couch...

Needless to say Anthony had to work this night...He left for work and the kids went to bed... i did the midnight potty and moments later i heard it...Az puking, poor boy running for the toilet...which is beyond me because he had never threw up, there for had no experience... but he ran for the toilet anyway... so here we are at midnight...I now put Az on the couch and there would be no more throw up that night... The next day was a test of everything i am made of... everything. Woke up really ill. All day ill...the waters there's that, plus me tossing my stomach, and headache... awesome day.. right? Anthony has to work again...I set Az up on the couch again because at the bed time bathroom run, he puked...again...So yeah. Ana said that her tummy was ick, so she was on the floor...Midnight run nothing... 3 AM, Ana got sick. We had no more blankets so i stayed up with her for the rest of the night... 6:30 am i finally get to pass out in bed

Enter the jerkiness... Mind you right now i am severely ill. sleep deprived, smelly... I told Anthony that he needs to step up and let me sleep and get better... three hours later he is complaining that he is this point with the three hours... i have had a total of 5 hours of sleep over the last 2 days. And he is complaining to ME...Needless to say i laid into him... When i get up he goes off to bed, knowing that there are dishes in the sink, crap on the floor, pukey blankets that need to be washed and kids to be watched, and that i am still sick...There is no love there...none. So sick i have to go do laundry, and cook dinner and make lunch and let the kids play outside...i love being a mom sometimes... not!

But no one has thrown up in days, and i am feeling much better...much better and i am so darn happy about it...

Something else i am happy about is after all that drama and crap... i finally got to do some bobbin lace...I really haven't been in the mood to tat, but at least i know what project i am going to do next :).

A few things that have happened since also is my niece turned 2. She has been on this earth for 2 years and i can't wait to see the rest of them... boy i love that chipmunk...On facebook my cousin DeeAnn and Aunt Diane both friended me. Its so weird you know... i haven't actually talked to my cousin in over, shoot, must be 10 years... and my aunt in almost the same...How can you be family and not know each other... I asked myself this question a few times this last week... Like, i know my sister, but i am still learning brand new things about her...I was trying to buy my grama a present for Christmas and it dawned on me that i don't know anything about her, at all!

Why do we let our friends closer than our family? So while my sister was here we talked, we shared secrets and I am so thankful that my sister isn't just my sister... she is actually a better friend than a sister. i love that. But it's so weird that there are so many things that i don't know about her... Ok... so i am going to head off and watch the rest of Grey's anatomy...Night night