Monday, December 27, 2010

year end post

Boy has it been a year. I know that most bloggers are going to a year end summery... well i am not most bloggers, am I? So just to touch on a few milestones... good and bad. The good. Both of my boys completely potty trained and talking (took long enough!) and working on my daughter. Um. Learned tatting, gained a great community of people, learned bobbin lace, watched a million and two movies (not really), tried tons and tons of new things, helped a great deal of people, on and offline. The bad, loads of arguments, stress, lost people who i thought were friends, threw away a ton of stuff. Been sicker than i think i ever have in my life...i have been so darn sick this year... as a matter of fact i am, and my whole family is, sick... lucky though that its going away... hopefully it will give me a break, cause this crap is taking so much out of me. OK. I think that is all of yeah, great christmas, hopefully a great new year... See y'all then!