Sunday, March 6, 2011

Glutton for punishment

I find it funny, when i come across a movie that invokes strong emotions in me, more precise, sadness and joy mixed together. I watch the movie, cry, laugh, and say that was an awesome movie. Then a couple weeks later or even the next day I watch it again. Knowing full well the outcome, whats going to lead up to the outcome and I surely know full well that i will most likely cry. So I watch the movie and tell myself, "it's ok, he's not really going to shoot himself and his son is going to live" even though i know what will happen and i prepare myself for it, I still wind up freaking crying. Its like I am glutting for punishment. But it feels so good...You know?

I just finished the movie "John Q". Now this movie came out a while back and i had never gotten around to watching it. Until about a month ago, I found it on Netflix and I figured why not?! So I watched it and at the end my heart hurt and i cried my but off. I was so happy and sad at the same time that I had actually cried out...luckily i was alone. But it was such a good movie!!!!! So i watched it again today. I didn't have any particular feelings, just kinda watchin'. So it got to the end, and BAM out of NOWHERE I start crying. I knew what was going to happen in the movie and i really didn't feel all the sadness of the first time, but i still cried. And it felt great. I just really needed to say that. And you know what, thats not the first movie. Oh NO. not the first. the other that is just too funny is "Big fish" both me and my sister. Moulin Rouge. Eye for an Eye. Last episodes of favorite tv shows (ugly betty, medium, BUFFY). All are heart pullers for me. All i enjoy.

On to tatting! More happy frontiers.First up. Crosses. This is a tiny cross, I don't remember where i got it from,
but it is much better looking in needle tatting than in shuttle tatting. And that green really isn't that bright. its much darker and so pretty.

I don't remember if I had shown this but awhile back, while my sister was over, i did this. I really don't like it. For some reason almost all my picots twisted together. I got agitated because i didn't study the pattern for very long and came to find out that i could have made it in two passes without having to cut and tie. I was so P.O'ed.

this is like my second attempt at this small pattern i was just trying out the weaving part...i love it... LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!

And this is my incomplete circle thingy... i think i need like one or two little flowers to finish it. It is in lizbeth thread. I need to actually give my opinion on this. I really don't like lizbeth thread all that much. It does split and it seems to be way over twisted. And I know i am not the only one having troubles with it. Ok well i think thats about it!

tatting day is coming up... Any plans?


Anonymous said...

Hello Shannon,
I love the tiny cross. Can you share the pattern?

shannon_in_love said...

Rosemarie, I went and found out the link. it is now edited into the blog post, also here it is