Monday, March 7, 2011

Oops, forgot a title. How about PEP TALK!

You know. I started out needle tatting. I learned, then got tired of searching for needle tatting patterns. Tatting still intrigued me. So i figured i would learn shuttle tatting. You know, because there were such a plethora of patterns out there for it. This pattern needs one shuttle and a ball. this one needs two shuttles and patience. this one requires 4 shuttles! Yikes!. But I learned. And then i got a proper needle to tat with. then I kicked myself in my butt. All that time, ALL THAT TIME. I could have been making beautiful rings and chains. I could have had that confidence that i now hold having learned 2 ways of tatting. I could have felt awesome, Instead I felt like a failure. A quitter.

When I realized that all those patterns could be done with a needle, I really could have kicked myself. Now there is a new tatter out there, a needle tatter and they have just stuck with flowers. And now they are bored. Well I am here to tell you NEEDLE TATTERS. Don't give up. I have only found 1 pattern that i can't wrap my head around. Only one. Out of hundreds and hundreds!

So please! please please please! find a shuttle tatting pattern and ask a needle tatter how to do it, e-mail me and i can try to help. I guarantee that once you learn how to convert shuttle tatting patterns to needle, you will be overwhelmed by the amount you KNOW you can do. Don't quit until you HAVE to. All you need to do is to be brave. I believe that you can do this. So don't quit.

Keep on tattin'