Saturday, March 5, 2011

ok. so i just wanted to talk about a couple of things... not really a rant, just observations. Did you know that people get paid for blogging? And youtube. Craziness. I am so not cut out for that. Having to produce something of originality on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. How on earth! Everyday! Most of my posts would be... well, nothing new today...sorry y'all...

So that's that. That's what i had been thinking for the past 20 minutes. the other thing was about my sister. I took her to the store today. It brought on a realization. I am so bossy. And some other words I can't grasp. Mean, grouchy, controlling. Sometimes I don't know how she puts up with me. I am so darn lucky to have her for a sister. Sometimes i forget that she isn't my little sister anymore, but a mom and an adult, and FULLY capable to make her own decisions. I just want to help her. But i almost wanted to kick myself today. I really need to stop.

Onto bigger and MUCH better things... I have stopped getting my boys up at midnight to go pee. You know just to see if they would pee the bed or not. To my wonderful surprise they don't. I am so happy that I know that for sure now. Sometimes i think that i am much to overbearing and that, that behavior is stumping them. Oi! But on the unfortunate... Azriel had his first accident. It was my fault. I forgot to ask him if he needed to go pee before we left Krystals...He was so sad and upset. I felt horrible. I could have done something to prevent him from feeling like he disappointed me. that is a horrible feeling.

Another night of having to pick Anthony up at 5 in the morning. I really wish that i didn't have to drag the kids out... but they seem to like the adventure...Go go go on an adventure... my kids love that song...and show.

Boy i think that's everything. And absolutely nothing. Well good night you guys! Tons of tatting to show you next post... ok not tons but