Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spiderman and Betty,sitting in a tree....

So i have been actually in the mood to be tatting! So here are a few things I've been doing...Jane and Terry's spider....IN PINK. My son was so excited to see me doing a spider, as he is obsessed with SPIDERMAN. With that popping into his brain, he asked if i would make him a bat...thus BATMAN. But alas, my bat sucked, and not in the good way.

Next is my kick at an all split ring star, HEY i tried. lol. i think that this would work just fine if i joined all the inner rings in the center. but i was excited about it... On the other hand it kinda looked to me that its a star jumping for joy..who knows, but something i do know is that it is really difficult finishing out something if it starts with a split ring...real difficult.

And a cross. I found it on a blog called Tatting Pattern Calender... heres the CROSS. It was done in needle tatting, not blocked and i messed up a couple time... but that was ok because fixing an error in needle tatting is SOOO much easier than in shuttle tatting.

And now i am working on a heart...i don't think that i like it so much.. but i am going to finish. Tonight while making dinner I made a big mistake that will impede my beautiful tatting. I accidentally cut my ring finger, right at the quick. That sucks so bad because i was truly in the mood to tat. I think i am going to do Mary Koniors pattern, Skipping Ropes. We'll see.

I Spent the last I don't know how many days watching Ugly Betty. I watched the last episode today and cried. I don't know why they canceled it, it was a great show. I wish that they would make an ugly Betty movie.. I know that this isn't really relevant to anything, i just wanted to tell someone. I'll talk to you guys later.