Wednesday, August 18, 2010

fun pics and TATTING UPDATES!

I am going to start off with some fun kid pictures....enter the hat!

my son Atreyu...the trailblazer!
Don't ask me why i threw this in here... it was just fun...that's me...(don't look and the stomach) and my boyfriend Anthony. Everyone was goofing around and everyone got to "airplane"Tatting updates!
I am working on the summer challenge over on Intatters. So i have two to submit. I will do that shortly.The top one is Anne Orr book #48, its a really easy patterns and it's so elegant. It was quick to tat up. Easy to remember and again...its soooo pretty! The second one was a little harder. Also from the same book. If you are going to try this pattern i suggest using 2 shuttles, not only will it come out looking better but so much easier. This is an easy pattern (once you get the hang of it.) the 1st round is just a large ring. if you want you can make the ring a split ring so you can climb out of the picot and make it look better. Again really easy and pretty. the second one is actually my favorite!

Then this... its called Tatted Daisy and it was designed by W.M. Odum...there is one center ring and the rest is chains...its pretty easy but you get tired of chains...real tired.
And lastly this is my attempt at roll tatting... i know HOW to do it but it doesn't come out looking good. I believe that this was made with a needle.

I tried letting people at Intatters know that both ROLL TATTING and JOSEPHINE RINGS are MUCH easier on a needle than trying to do it with a shuttle. I actually have a video for roll tatting but i need to get to it...bummer.
Oh and i almost, almost forgot... I am teaching my friend Brianda to tat... i think she might have it.Now am I forgetting anything...I don't know...Oh question. i bought a tatting book without my boyfriends knowledge...does this qualify as cheating?

Also does anyone have an explanation about why tatting is so addictive?
I have been wanting to knit for like a week and the more i think about knitting the more i tat... is this unusual?