Wednesday, August 11, 2010

summer rains! hopefully

A beautiful day in Sacramento! Its August 11 and the last 2 weeks have been in the 80's. But is so pretty. It looks like its moments away from pouring rain.
I think that people should appreciate the good things in life no matter how miserable they are because i know that my last 4 days have been absolute hell. And as much pain i am in, i am seeing beautiful things, wondrous things going on.

*The weather...someone tell Mother Earth how nice it has been and tell her how much i appreciate the break from heat.

*I relish EVERY single moment I am not in pain.

*my kids are actually getting to the point where i can understand them. Children are magical sometimes. I am sad that they are just getting around to talking but rather now then never. Right this moment they are playing a matching game. They aren't peeing the bed.

*I have a couple friends IRL that i can talk to and LEARN FROM. i love this the most. My friend Brinda taught me to make chiliquiles. they haunt my

*Anthony has been somewhat helpful, he has gotten some interviews but nothing yet...damn
OK. now about some tatting. I got my Mary Konior book. so nice. i finally finished "posy" and apparently my black is very linty... would you believe that i attempted to make this single pattern like 10 times before actually getting it right and finished.
Starting from the top left corner going around...SSSR Snowflake from Patty Dowden, and Christmas Hearts from Anne Bruvold and then 2 posy's i am making into earrings...woot woot!
close up of SSSR Snowflake.. i don't think i did it justice
close up of "Christmas hearts"and this is my ache in my fingers, the hell to my hellion. Its from Anne Orrs #35 book. large cross medallion. this sucker isn't big at all... but the outside round took me THREE DAYS to finish...i had no will other than to finish this and get it over with...and here it is...after all the crap i think its beautiful. Unfortunately after i finished and pressed and pinned down to stiffen i found a big mistake...can you see it...that stupid last round...the very last looks like a stutter.
and lastly, last week i made a pair of Totusmel's the Queens Feet... just never mind the flip flop tan line and chipped toe nail polish... :)
oh and i almost forgot... my attempt at tatting with the other hand....
What would i call this...backward hmm. well i am a right handed person but i feel as if i use my left hand a bunch in would it be left handed tatting...ANYWAY i tried the opposite hand..boy was it hard. it took me SEVEN minutes to finish a simple ring of 4-4-4-4...whereas it takes me about a minute on my regular way

the left in the picture is my opposite ring...the one on the right is a normal ring. Can you see the difference? I can.