Monday, August 23, 2010

Hmm. stuffs and stuffs

So not really showing any tatting this post, basically just... i don't know. Well right now i am watching this ridiculous show on PBS.. its called a place called home. They are kinda...mental. right now they are discussing developmental milestones. this is kinda annoying to me... because right off the bat, i know that my boys aren't fully talking and they are 4. it kinda irritates me because i know that my boys are more advance in other parts of their milestones... i kinda wonder if people now days realize that people have been grown and born and grown...over and over again. why should we classify every moment in their lives.

I seriously doubt if cave people were standing there grunting about how their child is how ever old and should be doing whatever...i seriously don't think so. Grr

ok also the last episode i watched like a couple weeks ago.... it was men and breastfeeding... now this really pissed me off. honestly i think that the men on there are freaking weirdos. and the women going along with it think that they are princesses. total BULL! first off breastfeeding is woman's work...honest to god. when i was breastfeeding all i wanted Anthony to do was to change the boys diapers...but these "men" were talking about bringing her food, entertainment, and other stuff. this is just so wrong... you DON'T need bells and whistles, you need a pillow, a place to sit, and the BABY. MEN stop trying to make things about you!

I just kinda....hate those types of people. everything HAS to be BROUGHT to you... PLEASE. I can understand a bit of help but when the man is trying to compensate for not being able to breastfeed.. kinda creeps me out.

ugg. i just need to stop being angry... stop it shannon...STOP

does anyone else think that people should stop telling us how to raise our children...soon we will have the babies and just turn them into the government to raise them...cause that's whats going on. you can't do this, can't do that, they have to do this or your a bad parent, how awful is this country for parents...government is just doing too too toO much. they are the reason the kids are as bad as they are now days. ok ok stop stop