Wednesday, August 4, 2010

playing catch up...

Well I have tatting up a storm! Sadly enough my habit has taken its toll on my friendships...well i started changing that today. I started going to my sewing class...I actually made a tatting bag today...picture tomorrow! So that allowed me to socialize with Marie...oh and my manager...paid rent and all that jazz... thank heavens for that, right?! Then I came home and made chiliquelies (?) not too sure how to spell that right. But any ways after that i went back to see Marie and that was only for a few seconds...then off to get the kids some play...another thing I have been neglecting...Went to fetch my friend Brenda but her babies were asleep..:( so tomorrow will be better.

I sent up, so that she's coming over. we are going to order stuff...and hopefully some tatting books :)

On that note I am expecting 2 books in the mail... Tatting with visual patterns by Mary Konior and The complete book of tatting by Rebecca Jones... I can not tell you guys how excited i am. Its like i have seizures or something.... i am just too excited for one person.

So onto business.
Two videos to offer tonight.

One on Hiding ends
and another on an alternate way to tat.

So hiding end... just a small note. when trying to hide the ends, the goal is to have the end you are trying to hide follow the same route as the shuttle thread. And now our feature presentation!

Next is the alternate way to tat. basically just tossing the shuttle thread over the ring thread and going up through the loop and completing the flip. then letting the shuttle thread hand and come from behind the ring and over up...if that makes any but you will be able to see it on the video so...(fanfare plays)

So in ending...if you guys need a video showing a technique...LET ME KNOW. but please make sure its not already covered.