Monday, August 2, 2010

yes...yes i have

been slacking off on just about everything. up above are the pictures i promised like 2 weeks ago...! yikes! Below is my show off area... the first picture is a shuttle package from Randa. She is a tatter and she so generously sent these to me. Personally i like the center one the best...its a Gr8 shuttle. its so sad my boyfriend can't see the beauty...then my next favorite is the metal Bates, then the clover and then my personal shuttles then the other in the picture...

this is my gift from Kersti. My gift from the Intatters may/June giveaway.
as you see she sent me two different threads, a tatting needle with tubie, a pathtag, and (fanfare) chocolate! Everything is so wonderful!

Again another package in the mail a couple days ago is my tatting pin from ItsAllEyecandy!
I feel bad because my sons like it...but i only have one...and two sons...the math doesn't work.

i uploaded almost all my tatting to flicker and here's the link if you're interested.
Shannon's Photostream

I have two more videos i needle to edit together... 1. a different way of tatting... and 2. maybe attaching thread...who