Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me, Me, Me...I,I,I

in the spirit of Halloween i broke out my walmart Halloween shirt...the neck was really uncomfortable and so i cut... a little too much...but its ok...its just for the house so doesn't matter all that much.

as you also see, i am quite...big... but some good news... Thursday i found out i lost 11 pounds since my last appointment... which was three months may seem a little but a little is a lot better than gaining. Sometimes i don't like my weight, but when i am feeling feisty... like today... i love me. All my life I hadn't been twig thin... i don't aspire to be thin at all. I would love to be around 230 pounds... i think that would be a good weight for me. I would still be fat but small enough to not be completely condemned by its really not that bad...but people make assumptions. For nurse. she is a really really nice woman. She has been weighing me for the last four years... this time when she announced my weight she says OH you lost 11 pounds...what have you been doing... my answer...eating more!. And i have been. usually i don't eat until the later part of the day and usually its just dinner. But i have been comforting myself and saying "pluck this" just not really caring what i have been eating...apparently my body likes that... but she was so surprised that the answer was eating more, because people think that fat people plain just eat too much... they don't realize that a lot of fat people don't eat nearly as much as they think...also the case with my mom...for years i saw her barely eat (where i get it) and when she started eating more she started loosing weight. people just didn't believe it... but i think that i will continue to do this... just try not to over do it...or else i am going backwards...right? lol.

here is my sure is perty!

and finally my niece-y-poo....Miracle...or simply Mira... I miss her too much. as you see she is just too cuddly. I can't wait for sister and her small family is coming over... so fliggin excited...