Sunday, January 23, 2011

Most of Good.

Here we are in the beginning of 2011. So much has happened already. I only just started tatting again. I am in an exchange over on facebook, on the tatting page...i am doing T.I.A.S. My first one. BUT i have not been taking very many pictures... period. So tomorrow I think that i will break out my scanner and scan some tatting.

Really I don't know what i have been doing. All i know is last week was crammed full!. I can't wait to get a car. We are so close. So close. All i can imagine is going to the doctor and being home in the same name of the day. You know, morning appointment, home or doing something the morning....instead of evening.... and yes it really does take me that long for a doctors appointment, on the bus! I leave in the morning and come home at night, for a half and hour visit..if that!

Instead of focusing on the negative, I am going to rattle off some awesome stuff that has happened since the new year.

I learned about the wide picot! so cool! I made a video

once you see it you will be able to see why i am so excited about it. The applications are amazing. beads on the wide picot, simple flowers, simple flowers with beads, there is a patter running around here somewhere called LOCHNESS MONSTER FLOWER... i mean how cool is that.

Started participating in my first TIAS.

Learned about gimp and how to work with it. (bobbin lace)

Got a bobbin lace pillow. Its the cookie travel pillow from Snowgoose. All i need to do now is figure out how to cover it.

I crocheted a shirt for my daughter that she has worn a grand total of 1 TIME. Yep you heard me, 1 time. But it was like my third crochet project that i actually finished... YAY ME!

My kids clean their own room, when i say go clean your room. This is actually a great accomplishment, considering the family I come from. I used to stay up all night with my mom cleaning up after my brother and sister. I, myself didn't start cleaning my room, until I was 10 years old i think. So yeah, see i learn from my mistakes. So they clean their room. And its all ORGANIZED... to the level that it looks good, but a kids understands what needs to go down. So happy.

My kids are talking up a storm! I did not know that kids talked that much. They joke... all day. While they eat, while they watch movies, while they play, while they go to the bathroom, while they sleep, ALL THE TIME. I kinda do love it. I mean from them not able to communicate to communicating all the time. They tell me their dreams. I used to tell my dreams to my mom. I think that its funny how things continue on without my nudging. So..yeah, tons of talking.

Anthony is working up a storm.

The weather has been so nice that i can open the windows during the day.

I think that that has been all the good...Oh, hold on, my daughter is potty training. She is so god darn stubborn, its unbelievable. My boys flew through potty training, she just doesn't want to do it. But we are on her, she should have it soon........hopefully... So yeah I think that is it. Pictures soon.